Russian CSOs have issued an appeal to colleagues


Civil Society Organisation (CSO) representatives are calling upon organisations to join forces to help those in need due to the events in Ukraine.


1 March 2022


“Many people need our help even more than before. These are refugees, homeless people, migrants; everyone who is in a difficult life situation. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has not gone away yet and patients, doctors and social workers also need support” the authors of the letter noted.


They explained that the events of recent days “have divided countries, organisations, and people” but also the importance for CSOs to “prevent hostility and mutual accusations”.


“To cope with such a big task together, we need unity and harmony in our ranks, a willingness to lend a shoulder to one other and to join efforts,” the letter emphasises.


The open letter to CSOs was instigated by the founder of the Butterfly Children Foundation Alyona Kuratova, the President of the Lifeline Foundation Faina Zakharova and the co-founder of the Lifeline Foundation Elena Topoleva-Soldunova.


It has already been signed by 39 CSO employees.



Translated by Ysabelle Smith

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