Russian social entrepreneurs helped to enter international markets

Russian social entrepreneurs prepare to enter the international market


The ‘Our Future’ Foundation’s new programme will help businesses to sell their products abroad.




Six of the social entrepreneurs participating in the ‘Export Mentoring’ programme are:

  • MiKo – organic cosmetics,
  • Epitetika – facial prosthetics allowing for partial restoration of lost functions,
  • Observer – a manufacturer of hi-tech wheelchairs,
  • Konakovsky Faience – handmade ceramic products,
  • Krasnodar Social Labour Complex LLC – work opportunities for blind or partially sighted people in organising the production of plastic products,
  • as well as the “More than a purchase” project which provides support to social entrepreneurs in Russia.


According to a statement by ‘Our Future’ Foundation, experts will mentor Russian companies on how to introduce their products and services to the global market. As part of the training, the social entrepreneurs will present their projects to experienced mentors, who are specialists in the field of foreign economic activity.


“We have had requests from project executives supported by the Foundation to increase work opportunities and enter foreign markets. Therefore, we decided to select several social enterprises that are ready to scale up and offer them a mentoring programme in export,” said Natalia Zvereva, Director of the ‘Our Future’ Foundation.


At the end of the programme, the mentors will have to assess the business potential for Russian exports to three countries where each of the companies’ products are in demand. The programme mentees will be coached and provided with business roadmaps for further work. The roadmaps will include a schedule, an employee responsibility matrix, and a list of estimated expenses.



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