Russia’s Higher League club launches charity races around the world

The Higher League Club will hold a series of charity races around the world


The Higher League charity club has launched a new sports project called I’m Running to Help Children! Within the scope of their League of Dreams programme.




The first charity race was held on 18 February in Phuket, Thailand. The project aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and draw attention to the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.


“We at League of Dreams do this through regular sports and creative activities using special techniques that are suitable for children of all diagnoses, even the most severe”, says Anna Shilova, board member and financial director of League of Dreams. “Sports and creativity are vital to children for comprehensive rehabilitation”.



All funds collected by the participants of the race will be used to organise classes for the League of Dreams beneficiaries.


The Higher League club was founded in 2022 as a community of successful people who love sports and are willing to help children with special educational needs and disabilities. The club plans to hold Run to Help Children! races in Russian cities and all over the world.


“We believe that creativity and sports have no borders, just as charity cannot have borders. Most recently, we held a training session in Moscow with the multi-title Russian alpine skiing champion Olesya Aliyeva. This weekend we launched a Run to Help Children! In Phuket, Thailand. Come and join our next club events,” urges Anna Shilova.


You can join the club and help children on the Higher League website.



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