Some social services to miss out on official support?

The Civil Council of the Ministry of Labour expresses concern that a number of services will not be included on the official list


Moscow, 19.09.2014

Members of the Civil Council are concerned that important social services, such as support for disabled children and nursing provision, won’t be included by federal executive agencies on the official list of State and municipal services. Failure to incorporate these services on the list will mean that they will be unable to receive State budget support.

In 2013, Russia’s Budget Code was amended to include the concept of a “departmental list of State (municipal) services”, as well as the more general idea of a “main (sectoral) register of State and municipal services”. All lists of services have to be put together using the main (sectoral) list for approval at federal level. Government’s State institutional support (including provision of financial subsidies) will only be given to those services (works) that are on the departmental list.

At the meeting, Alexy Vovchenko, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, stated that the compilation of the list of services stems from the law on the “Basis of social services for Russian citizens”. This legislation covers eight different types of services, i.e. socio-residential, socio-medical, socio-psychological, socio-educational, socio-labour, socio-legal; services aimed at increasing the communal potential of those benefiting from such assistance,  and those whose daily lives are restricted, in particular disabled children; timely social services (providing hot meals, clothing, shoes and other essentials); help in obtaining temporary accommodation; and specialist psychological help involving relevant experts and clergymen. “Nursing provision is a very important element of home care. This is definitely not an enlightened market which is either in demand or uncontrolled, unlicensed, unprofessional and even risky”, said Maria Morozova, Director-General of the Elena and Genady Timchenko charity.

Experts also stress the importance of including services for disabled people (recuperative therapy, medical rehabilitation), support for disabled children and for families living with cancer. Any service not included on the list will have to go without public sector funding, said Lilia Ovcharova, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Income and Standards of Living at the National Research University’s Higher School of Economics.

According to Alexy Vovchenko, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, the document listing the services drawn up by the department is currently being discussed by the Finance Ministry. The Ministry of Labour is recommending that the main list should include services that have been established by law.

Author: Yulia Vyatkina

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