Third Forum of Social Innovation to be help in Moscow in June

Third Forum of Social Innovations to take place in Moscow


In 2019, the Forum of Social Innovations will begin on 19 June in VDNKh and will last four days.

The first day of the Third Forum of Social Innovations will include the opening of the exhibition of innovative social projects, a plenary session and the main strategic sessions, the deputy chairperson of the Federation Council and deputy co-chairperson of the forum, Galina Karelova, said. She emphasised that the programme of the forum is aimed at promoting innovative ideas and resolutions to implement national aims in the social sphere and to promote its effective development.

“The main thing for the forum is an active dialogue between its participants: state representatives, the non-profit sector, business and civil society talking about issues surrounding the innovative development of the social sphere. Priority will be given to presentations of successful regional models and the search for new management technologies. The goal we have set is to achieve new, effective solutions, including legislative ones, to develop social policy in Russia”, Karelova announced.



The first two days of the forum are earmarked for expert work, after which entry will be opened to all those interested, for whom master classes and consultations will be held on the development of the social sphere and the provision of social services.

Five main topics will be discussed at the forum:

  • the role of national projects in the breakthrough of innovative development in the social sphere
  • new approaches and opportunities for interdepartmental and cross-sectoral cooperation in the implementation of social policy
  • effective participation models for business in the development of the social sphere: trends and perspectives
  • information technology and digital transition in the social sphere
  • the role of socially oriented non-profit organisations in implementing national projects

The chairperson of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko said that for the formation of a modern social sphere, the non-governmental sector of social services needs to be expanded. Moreover, she noted, in 2019 the forum should raise the separate topic of social support for older people and the creation of conditions to enable active later years. Matvienko highlighted that Moscow has experience in this sector. In particular, an extended system of safeguards for the older generation – the Moscow Standard for the Welfare of Retired People – was established in the capital. Matvienko expressed the hope that in the future a similar standard will be developed for citizens in the regions.

At the Second Forum of Social Innovations in Krasnogorsk, Valentina Matvienko advocated for the legislative consolidation of budgetary support for socially oriented non-profit organisations.


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