UN report on humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

Humanitarian relief reached 15.8 million people in Ukraine with various forms of humanitarian assistance in 2022, ranging from food packages to hygiene supplies to shelter, health services, education support, legal aid, counselling, cash assistance and more. Almost 9.5 million people were able to receive medicine and various health-care services in the ten months of the war, and 7.4 million people were reached with assistance related to water, including access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation. Almost 6 million people received US$1.21 billion in cash assistance, giving people the flexibility to tailor to their own specific needs. Around 7.4 million people were reached with different kinds of protection services (renewal of legal documents, psychosocial support, specialized assistance to people with disabilities, adequate housing solutions, etc.), including more than 3.2 million with child protection (case management, family tracing and reunification, legal assistance, etc.). At the same time, more than 12.2 million people received food assistance and livelihood support across all 24 oblasts of Ukraine, including areas close to front-line fighting. The UN also delivered over 1,400 generators to hospitals, shelters, heating points, water pumping facilities, schools, and places hosting displaced people.

Here is the report.

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