Website with information for Russian CSOs

Philin Philgood has created a website for CSOs that includes the main changes made to legislation and reporting requirements in 2022




The website lists major legislative changes, answers audit and legal queries and has a checklist that reminds CSOs how to monitor their organisational processes.


The website ( includes a section on legislative changes made during the year to three federal laws on foreign agents, advertising and personal data that affect the work of the CSO sector.


Lawyers have put together a list of amendments that may have an impact on the work of CSOs on positioning, online advertising, the handling of personal data of their staff and those under their care, receiving donations and grants from abroad, as well as foreign agent status.


Another section lists responses to questions about internal activities (personnel, administration, reporting) and CSO external work (grants, donations, PR). These include how to receive donations from abroad now that the SWIFT financial system can no longer be used, how to obtain medical equipment and finance and whether it is possible to continue using social networks banned in Russia for fundraising activities.


The website also has a 2023 calendar that includes reminders on when CSO auditors need to submit financial statements, or prepare documents for various agencies, together with a checklist to ensure that CSOs meet their legal responsibilities.







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