Winners of the Silver Archer award announced

Winners of the ‘Silver Archer’ prize are announced


The 23rd season of the National Prize for Developing Community Relations, known as ‘The Silver Archer’, has now ended.  The closing awards ceremony was held in the historic hall of the Metropol Hotel in Moscow on 21 February.  The Executive Director confirmedthat the 20 projects that had been short-listed for the prize all involved voluntary work, community initiatives or corporate responsibility.  Altogether 14 projects were nominated for the prize, four of which were for ‘personal’ contributions.

The Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility was won by the ‘Odysseus’ project.  It is run by the charity System and brings charities together with technology organisations.

The agency KROS, which runs the project ‘The National Index of Needs’ under the banner ‘What do Russians have to fear?’ won the prize for Promoting Government, Community and Social Programmes.

The agency SMETANA and Rosbank were joint winners of the Philanthropy Prize for their project ‘The Good Font’ It was set up in aid of the charity Gift for an Angel and created a symbol which organisations can now attach to their products and pamphlets to indicate their support for children with cerebral palsy.

A list of the winners in all the different categories can be seen on the prize website. 


The National Prize for Developing Community Relations known as ‘The Silver Archer’ was established on 25 June 1997 by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Journalists and the Russian Association for Public Relations.  Over the years more than 5,500 projects have been entered into this most prestigious of professional awards. In the latest season a national system of regional tenders covered every region of the Russian Federation.


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