Yandex to give NGOs free access to business services

Yandex to provide NGOs with annual free access to business services


Among the features on offer are file hosting, task manager, feedback forms and an organisational knowledge hub.

The Yandex company, in cooperation with the Greenhouse of Social Technologies, has introduced a new set of Care.Yandex applications. NGOs which have recognised charity status can gain free access to the Yandex.Disc and Yandex.Tracker services for one year with the possibility of an extension.

What services are available

Yandex.Disc is a tool for storing and exchanging files, documents, videos and photos. Yandex can provide two terabytes of data for each NGO employee.

Yandex.Tracker is a task manager (similar to Asana or Trello) and a tool for team communication, planning and organising work tasks. Yandex.Forms are available in Yandex. Tracker which allows feedback from visitors to the site to be collected, registering participants for events and conducting surveys. Yandex.Wiki is an organisational knowledge hub where people can create and store project ideas, task details, guidance material, application templates and contact information.

“Many people are now faced with the task of putting all their activities online. I am sure that each year more and more IT companies will come to the aid of NGOs and not just during times of crisis. We believe that creating a special working environment for NGOs should be the norm for socially responsible technology businesses rather than the exception”, said Vitaly Krutitsky, coordinator of the Paseka programme.

How to access these services

An application form will need to be completed to obtain free access to these services. The process can take up to seven working days as each request has to be checked and signed off by Krutitsky. Any queries should be sent to him direct at

Paseka is a programme set up to develop a community of web studios, agencies, IT companies and independent professionals interested in working with NGOs and on social projects.


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