Yandex to provide services to CSOs free of charge


The company Yandex has revised its Help is at Hand programme, which will now be an on-going social project to support CSOs. 

Help is at Hand grew out of a project of the same name which the company launched in the spring to support those involved in the fight against the pandemic. During the period from March to September, Yandex organised taxi journeys for 12,000 doctors and other medical workers, helped 13,411 donors to get to and from blood transfusion centres, as well as delivering 56,128 food parcels and ready-made meals to those in need.

The programme will now help CSOs in two ways: Yandex will provide business services (discs, trackers, Cloud, telephony) and transport children and adults in cars provided by Yandex Go’s taxi partners.

Taxis for wards in care

Yandex will provide transport for wards in the care of the Gift to an Angel, OBRI, Spina bifida, Fragile People and Lighthouse charities. They will be able to attend doctor’s appointments, rehab sessions, training and other commitments free of charge. Highly rated and reliable taxi drivers will offer their services, with their time paid for by Yandex and donations from companies and private individuals. Yandex will double the donations made via the Help is at Hand programme section on the Yandex website (

Business services

44 charities have already received free access to Yandex business services, which will greatly benefit the work of their staff and volunteers. Records of applications and other documentation can be stored on a tracker, educational materials and video clips kept on discs and web projects for donors placed in the Cloud.

In order to claim a free taxi journey, CSOs should first apply to: Applications for Yandexbusiness services should be made on the website. Applicants should then get authorisation from the Friends charity (for those who need a lift) and from the Paseka programme run by Social Technologies Greenhouses (for those requiring business services).


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