Donations to our appeal continue to reach people in towns and villages in Ukraine

Despite the dangerous conditions partner organisations are continuing to distribute food, medicines, nappies, bedding and other supplies in Ukraine, funded by donations to the BEARR appeal. Many people have had to flee from their homes or are unable to get out to buy supplies. Some of the people in need are internally displaced, having fled from their homes due to bombardments, while others, often elderly people who lived through the horrors of World War II, have decided to stay.

One partner organisation which brings together families of children with Down Syndrome is helping refugees travelling through their region, as well as local people in need. They said: “We are going to buy food, some medicines and hygiene products for 60 families which have children with disabilities and who are now in a difficult situation.”

Donations to the BEARR appeal are reaching most regions, and here are more photos sent by partners:

Distributing packages
Delivering provisions to homes

Or collected on foot

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