Help reaches evacuees from bombed and shelled cities and villages

More funds from the BEARR Trust appeal are reaching places where Ukrainians are seeking safety from bombed and shelled towns and villages. The partners who distribute aid and provide support tell us that such people are, not surprisingly, traumatised, tired and often sick. The funds buy medicines, food, hygiene products, nappies and other necessities for them, as they have fled with almost nothing.

Our partners said:

“Thanks to you, we again helped five communities in Ukraine. They help temporarily displaced persons, assist in their evacuation and accommodation. People come out from the basements sick and scared. 
There are not enough words to thank you.”

Another partner organisation in Ukraine has set up a centre where people can come for assistance and volunteers can offer their help. The premises were provided gratis, but bills have to be paid and donated funds are helping with this along with the packages that they assemble there for refugees.

They said:

‘We make up and deliver Help packages and medicines. A guy who lives with his mother turned to us at the center when she fell ill with Covid, and through him they provided a Help package and medicines so as not to endanger our employees. Ever more people who need help have begun to turn to our centre.’ 

Another is using a basement for collection and distribution of items needed by refugees and evacuees.

A lot of medicines were bought!

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