BEARR Trust webinars, November 2020

Due to the situation with COVID-19, the BEARR Trust is not planning to hold its usual annual conference in London this coming November. Instead we plan to hold three separate on-line webinar discussions on different  COVID-related issues, as follows: 

  • on 5 November – Civil Society Support for Persons with Disabilities 

  • on 12 November – Civil Society and Migrant Labour

This on-line discussion of “The role of Civil Society in support of Migrant Workers and their Families in conditions of the Pandemic” will focus on the particular challenges that the pandemic has thrown up for migrant workers in the EECA region and their families and how civil society organisations are supporting them, in both the receiving and the sending countries.

  • on 19 November – Civil Society Organisations: meeting the challenges, best practice and ongoing needs 

This discussion will look at ways in which civil society organisations have adapted their practices and methodologies to meet the challenges of the pandemic and the needs that remain to be met.

These will be in Zoom Meeting format, to encourage as much participation as possible. In each of them there will be three short introductions by panellists, followed by questions and general discussion. Suggestions for panellists are welcome – please send ideas to

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