Governance and Management

The BEARR Trust is an English-registered charity constituted by a Declaration of Trust dated 27 April 1992 and supplemental Deed of Variation dated 14 December 1995. Based in London, BEARR is managed by a board of trustees with a wide range of relevant expertise. Trustees are appointed for three years, renewable by mutual agreement.

BEARR’s trustees aim to run BEARR with as low overheads as possible. The trustees volunteer significant amounts of management time, in addition to their trustee duties, while other volunteers contribute translating, interpreting, event management and finance skills.

The trustees and volunteers are supported by part-time paid consultants: our Information Officer, our Small Grants Officer, and our Website Assistant.

For more information, please see BEARR’s 2022 Annual Report.


  • You can read BEARR’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy here.
  • You can read BEARR’s Risk Management Policy here.
  • You can read BEARR’s Conflicts of Interest Policy here.
  • You can read BEARR’s Sanctions Policy here.
  • You can read BEARR’s Safeguarding Policy in English here.
  • You can read BEARR’s Safeguarding Policy in Russian here.

Five-year Framework 2021-2025

At the end of 2020 the Trustees agreed a new five-year framework for BEARR’s activities, coinciding with the period of our multi-year grant. This now takes account of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and of climate change. You can read BEARR’s objectives for 2021-2025 here.

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