Current Aims & Action Plan

The aims of The BEARR Trust for 2016 – 2020 are to:

  • ensure stable multi-year financing from multiple sources, including foundations, companies and individuals (the Friends Scheme);
  • maintain an adequate pool of competent volunteers;
  • develop and if possible expand the Small Grants Scheme, ensuring more rigorous monitoring and evaluation of projects;
  • expand networking activities, including by organising an annual workshop in BEARR’s region; and
  • ensure that BEARR’s information technology, website and social media presence effectively and efficiently support our grant-making and networking activities.

Our Action Plan for 2020 includes to:

  • Raise an additional £20,000 per annum, preferably on a multi-year basis;
  • Maintain an active network of trustees, patrons and volunteers;
  • Ensure that all volunteers have clear roles and feel supported by their managers;
  • Ensure BEARR makes effective use of the possibilities offered by information technology and social media;
  • Develop cooperation with the academic community in the UK and in the region, including through joint events;
  • Organise the London Conference;
  • Organise a workshop in Central Asia ;
  • Organise one or two public lectures;
  • Issue six bi-monthly email newsletters and an online and printed annual report / almanac;
  • Run a scheme offering small grants to civil society organisations and evaluate the 2019 Small Grants Scheme;
  • Progress a project to evaluate the impact of Small Grants Scheme projects since 2007;
  • Plan for a further Small Grants Scheme in 2021;
  • Formulate BEARR’s objectives for 2021-2025.
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