AIDS Centre wins Made in Russia Prize

AIDS Centre wins Made in Russia prize


The AIDS Centre’s scientific and educational project has won the social projects category of the Made in Russia contest. The centre provides assistance to HIV-positive patients, using its website to discuss HIV prevention, life with HIV and the fact that diagnosis is not a death sentence.

The AIDS Centre, founded by the journalist Anton Krasovsky, initiates many projects and contests to support HIV-positive people and HIV prevention, details of which are regularly published on its website. Users of its forum can ask questions on topics such as HIV and AIDS, their prevention, and antiretroviral therapy.

After receiving the winner’s statuette, Krasovsky gave it to Elena Orlova-Morozova, head of department at the AIDS Centre.

The shortlist also included the Volunteers for Orphans Foundation, the volunteer search party Liza Alert and the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation.

The event of the year award was won by the musician Sergei Shnurov. The science and technology winner was Ilya Chekh, creator of the company Motility, and the theatre category was won by the director Maksim Didenko. The winner of the film premiere category was Mikhail Mestetsky’s Rag Union.

In 2015 the Made in Russia overall prize went to the founder of the Dynasty foundation. Last Address won the social projects category.

Author: Irina Laktyushina

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