Criteria for potential Russian foster families

The Ministry of Education and Science to draw up criteria for assessing the eligibility of potential foster families




The Ministry of Education and Science is drawing up criteria to assess the preparedness of couples to act as foster families or guardians.


Experts will ascertain how ready a couple are to take on a child, as well as how to increase the “professionalism” of future foster parents, said Anna Kuznetsova, the Russian Federation’s Children’s Rights Commissioner, on 29 June.


“The Ministry is currently developing criteria to assess and improve the professional preparedness and screening of those who want to become foster parents”, said Kuznetsova as reported by Novosti.


At the same time, Kuznetsova said that it is not possible to hang “labels” on prospective foster families even after a number of incidents.


Commenting on statements from some officials and MPs that orphans from children’s homes were being taken into care for their own good or to get benefits or as a result of sexual exploitation, TASS reported Kuznetsova as saying “They will want to ban anything immediately if we see adverse effects, or verify certain trends that are common in a number of cases straight away”, she said.


The “Timchenko” Charitable Foundation has published a book that portrays a positive image of fostering which includes 432 personal stories of foster families who are raising children with different personalities and abilities. Each explains how and why couples decided to foster an orphan, the difficulties and fears that had to be overcome, and how they taught children to trust adults again.



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