Delay for reflection before abortions

Russian women to reflect
for a week before proceeding with an abortion:‘for’ and ‘against’


A number of deputies (MPs) want to include a provision in the
Principles of Maintaining the Health of Russian Citizens Bill, which has passed
its first reading (the second was due on 7 September) requiring women to pause
for reflection for a week before having an abortion, according to the pro
choice coalition, Grozd Ryabiny (A Cluster of Rowan Berries). In this period a
woman should receive counselling from a psychologist. However, coalition
representatives believe that artificial delay in having an operation to
terminate a pregnancy might lead to infertility and an increase in the number
of abortions performed at home but not stimulate an increased birth rate.


The chair of the council of the regional association of families
with numerous children, Many Children are Fine, stated that on the contrary
psychological counselling persuaded many future mothers to change their mind
about having an abortion. The expert said that in Penze, Ryazan, Kazan and a
number of other cities a pre-abortion counselling service had been set up with
the participation of mothers who had had numerous children. this had been
organized by NGOs and  the Church.


The expert considers that as well as counselling, the agreement of
the pregnant woman’s husband should be required before an abortion could be
carried out or the agreement of the parents if she is a minor.




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