Digital philanthropy: Russian NGOs invited to participate in study

Digital philanthropy: Russian NGOs are invited to participate in a study




The results of an upcoming study will help us to understand how successful the digital transformation of Russian philanthropy has been.


The Istoki Endowment Fund and the Association of Grant Organisations’ Donor Forum have begun a study of the involvement of Russian non-profit organisations in digitalisation processes.

‘Throughout the last year we have discussed this topic with various audiences and now we want to conduct a study among NGOs and foundations on their readiness for digital transformation. We hope to understand not only the introduction of new technologies, but also the deep comprehensive transformation of products and services, an organisation’s structure, its development strategy, organisational culture, and work with donors and beneficiaries,’ said Donor Forum Executive Director Aleksandra Boldyreva.


The director of the Istoki fund, Vladimir Marchenko said that the respondents’ answers will help to determine whether Russian NGOs have developed digital strategies, the level of digital competency among fund managers and what hinders the implementation of digital technologies in Russian charitable organisations.


Charitable foundations, endowments and NGOs in Russia can participate in the study. The results will be not be publicly broken down by individual organisation. The study will last until the end of December and the final results will be announced in 2020. Preliminary results of the study will be presented at a conference entitled ‘Digital Transformation: Generational Change — A Paradigm Shift’ on October 31 in Moscow.




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