Firm assists NGO programme to reduce isolation of people in Russian care homes.

STADA company to double donations to elderly people from nursing homes


In honour of 100 years of its manufacturing facilities ‘Nizhpharm’, the STADA company together with the charity ‘Starost v radost’ has launched the project ‘Svyaz pokolenii’ (‘Connecting the generations’).

The project will help to collect more funds for two important programmes run by ‘Starost v radost’: ‘Pen-pal grandchildren’ and ‘Postcard greetings’. Loneliness is one of the main problems of those living in nursing homes, the organisers of the project report.

“Our joint project with STADA is to help elderly people who, by force of circumstance, are cut off from the world, unable to see how life is changing around them, how their children and grandchildren are growing up. A lot of people on our wards have not left their rooms in years”, says Elizaveta Oleskina, director of the charity ‘Starost v radost’. “In this situation, letters and greetings from our volunteers are the only connection they have with what is going on around them. Regular correspondence with lonely elderly people is not just communication, but is a binding thread, a simple and understandable opportunity for everyone to share some warmth with others.”

The donations will be spent on stamps, envelopes, postcards, tablets for online communication with pen-pal grandchildren, as well as teaching the basics of using electronic devices.

“This year, STADA company’s production site ‘Nizhpharm’, celebrates its centennial. The history of the company is our first hundred years of growth, discoveries and caring for patients. The history of the company is the history of dynasties amongst others. That is why the idea of ‘connecting the generations’ is clear and important to us”, says Dmitrii Efimov, the general director of ‘Nizhpharm’ and executive vice president of STADA. “Moreover, supporting the initiative is an opportunity to attract young and active citizens to the good deeds of ‘Starost v radost’, those who may not yet be familiar with the activities of the foundation, but would like to give some warmth and attention to people of the older generation.”

You can support the ‘Svyaz pokolenii’ campaign on the website.


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