First meeting of new Social Council

Social Council holds its first meeting in the presence of
the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation

Members of the Social Council, created in accordance with
the Presidential decree of the Russian Federation of 1 September 2009, discussed the condition of the
federal law ‘On the Protection of Children from information harmful to their
health and development’. According to a representative of the regional social
organisation ‘Person and Law’, Irina Protasova, a representative on the council
of the Republic of Mari El, they were making suggestions regarding a revision
of the law.

Also at the conference four social commissions were created:
for controlling the transmission of harmful information to children, for
monitoring the rights of Russian children abroad, for controlling the
observance of children’s’ rights in residential care, and also for the
observance of legislation in the sphere of motherhood, fatherhood and

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