Freezing Moscow — please help the homeless

Freezing Moscow – Appeals to help the homeless by the charity Mercy



The charity Mercy is asking people not to simply walk on by when they see homeless people freezing on the streets of Moscow.  Meteorologists predict that in the coming days the temperature in Moscow and the Moscow region will fall to -24 degrees.  On the morning of Tuesday 27 February the temperature was expected to fall as low as -27 degrees.


The charity Mercy, set up by the Orthodox Church, is asking people to show greater concern for homeless people during this cold weather. ‘In sub-zero temperatures people who have spent many hours on the street are in mortal danger’, says the head of the homeless shelter known as The Rescue Hangar, Roman Skorosov.  ‘If you see someone lying on the street, don’t walk on by, try to find out if you can help.’


‘If you see someone unconscious contact the emergency services.  Call an ambulance, wait until the doctors arrive and make sure they are taken care of.  You can also seek emergency help from Mercy on: 7-985-764-49-11.  Our staff will have them taken to hospital and establish if further assistance is needed beyond that. If they are conscious, ask if they need help.  If they are homeless and agree to be taken to a warm place for the night, call the Moscow Welfare Patrol and staff will take them to our centre and ensure they receive the necessary support.  Our phone lines are open around the clock.  The number is: +7-903-720-15-08, (499)357-0-180.’


Mercy also recommends that people distribute copies of their hand-outs on homeless people, which contains details about the kind of help available to them in Moscow.


‘At our Rescue Hangar (ul. Nikoloyamskaya, dom 55) homeless people are also able to pick up warm clothes that will help them to deal with the cold weather, including jackets, hats, scarfs and warm trousers.  It is particularly important to have large shoes.  It is best to ring up in advance and speak to reception on: +7-926-158-07-58.  There is a webpage explaining the Rescue Hangar project where people interested in getting involved in our work can find out more.’


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