Ideas for recasting law on NGOs

Joint working group on human rights has proposed that the law on NGOs be recast


6 June 2015

The joint working group (JWP) of the presidential council on the development of civil society and human rights and the federal ministry of justice continues to work on recasting the legislation dealing with NGOs. Novosti reports that at the group’s last meeting it was proposed that the law should be turned into a measure on state registration and supervision of and support for NGOs. At the same time a new law would be enacted dealing with community associations. This was the main idea, said the news agency, quoting the council’s chair, Mikhail Fedotov.

The JWP and the ministry started work on reforming the legislation on NGOs in January. The general aim is to divide the regulation of NGOs between the private and public law systems. In April the federal minister of justice, Alexander Konovalov, said that proposals should be ready within the course of the next few months.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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