Monitoring registration of NGOs

Monitoring the implementation of the State Service for the Registration
of NGOs by the Ministry of Justice

Marina Raskladkina, director of the programme «Lawyers
for Civil Society» (YuGO) discussed the results of monitoring the quality
of administration of the state service for registration of NGOs by the Ministry
of Justice and its regional authorities at a working breakfast as part of the cycle
«How we are to equip NGOs». 
The meeting took place at the Independent Press Centre and was organised
by YuGO together with the local branch of the International Centre for
Not-for-Profit Law.


The monitoring was carried out by YuGO at the initiative of
the Ministry of Justice.  About 600 NGOs
in 40 regions of Russia which had applied to the ministry for registration in
the last three years completed a questionnaire to help evaluate the quality of
this service. The monitoring showed that the procedures for registration of
NGOs and also the introduction of changes into the constituent documents are
not transparent, federal legislation is interpreted in different ways in the
regions, there are violations of the deadlines, etc.  The results of the monitoring will be announced at the
interregional conference at the Ministry of Justice.

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