NGO representatives in Public Chamber to be elected by internet vote

The Duma Committee on public associations has been
considering amendments to the draft law on the new method of forming the Public
Chamber. If adopted, the amendments mean that there will be greater
representation of the regions in the Chamber. The current members will serve
until their term ends in January 2015. The new membership will be confirmed by 1
July 2014.


The Chamber currently has 126 members, and this number
will rise to 166, of which half will come from the regions.  Forty candidates will become members of the
advisory body to the President, while 43 will be delegated from all-Russian
public associations. The latter group will be elected by internet-voting on the
website of the Russian Public Initiative. Only those registered on the site
will be able to vote. Voting will be over a period of a month. The list of
candidates will be compiled by a working group of the Public Chamber,
consisting of six of the “old” members, three each from the presidential quota
and from regional chambers, according to Vladislav Grib, Deputy Secretary of
the Public Chamber.


The head of the Foundation for Information Democracy,
Ilya Massukh, said that the Chamber will also have three members from 14 types
of public activity, corresponding to the committees of the Public Chamber. One
member will be the person who receives the largest number of votes among all the
remaining candidates.

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