NGOs: how to access google grants

Bremen consultants help NGOs to attract more supporters


A new educational course from the Bremen Consultants helps NGOs to master the Google grants application procedure and the principles of contextual advertising with the help of Google Ads.

As part of the Google Ad Grants programme, non-commercial organisations can receive grants from Google that will allow them to place contextual advertising at a value of 10,000 dollars monthly for free. To receive the grant, they must pass a verification procedure, submit a grant application and get it approved. Within the four week-long educational course for NGOs, dedicated to the work of Google Ads, the Bremen Consultants promise to teach how to submit an application to Google and how to then configure contextual advertising when working with the service.

NGOs, who will take part in the training and master the principles of placing contextual advertising with the help of Google Ads, will be able to promote their sites in search engines and with that, get the opportunity to reach more beneficiaries, volunteers and donors.

Participation in the training is free for regional NGOs, but there are participation costs for organisations from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Applications could be submitted until 5 October. The level of previous experience is not important.

It is however important to note that participation in the course for NGOs run by the Bremen Consultants does not guarantee a grant from the Google Ad Grants programme.

For NGO staff who have not worked with contextual advertising, the consultants have collected a step-by-step action plan and have broken it up into four weeks. They will accompany participants on the way to receiving a grant to the campaign launch. At the end, they will carry out a consultation for each participant and give recommendations on how best to construct the campaign, taking into account the needs of the organisation.

“Within five weeks, more people will be visiting the NGO’s website, and in the team, there will be someone who understands how to work with the suite and to support the campaign in the future”, the organisers confirmed.

On 1 October, the Bremen Consultants carried out a webinar, in the course of which they explained what contextual advertising is, what makes it different to SEO, when to use it and when it’s not worth it. They explained how to understand an individual’s needs, what they are looking for on search engines and what can be offered, based on the examples of working with NGOs.


The Bremen Consultants help NGOs to arrange confidential dialogues with people, so that organisations can provide and receive help more often. They cut through to the essence of a problem — why people are not subscribing, not reading, not donating, not helping, not turning to them – and looks for a simple solution with the resources available – both financial and human.

With the help of the Bremen Consultants, the Centre for Therapeutic Pedagogy attracted private donations and collected funds for a sensory room. The Public Verdict Foundation created the resource ‘Protect Yourself’. The United Group of Civic Observation (OGON) increased their number of active supporters. In all three cases they used contextual advertising, in order to attract their audience’s attention and lead people to the site.




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