Putin announces state support for NGOs

Putin announces state support for NGOs


The final Community Forum took place in Moscow, dedicated to the participation of civil society in the implementation of national projects.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, announced at the Forum that civil society in Russia has a huge inner creative power. He underlined that collaboration between society and the state creates unbelievable opportunities for the development of the country. The President also noted the importance of implementing the national projects.

“Just now I had the opportunity and pleasure to get to know several projects and the people implementing them. What can one say: sincere, kind hearted, wonderful people, who are passionate about their work and share their passion with others, really helping people, helping to organise wonderful work and achieving great results”, Putin declared.

The President reminded the audience that in the previous six years, 30 billion roubles had been spent on the activities of the non-commercial sector. He also assured listeners that this support would not be cut off in the coming years and he called for people to pay special attention to projects from small towns and villages.

He emphasised that “this year, and the next, and in 2020, 8 billion roubles will be spent, no less. In general, I very much hope that such work will become even more widespread and will include small towns and rural areas. From this year, we will also allocate appropriate resources for the work of volunteers in non-governmental organisations in rural areas, which is extremely important and much needed.”

During the discussions at the Community Forum in Moscow, representatives from state authorities, business, and civil society discussed strategy of developing the country through the implementation of national projects, designed to achieve the national goals, which were set out in a Presidential Decree in May. The final plenary session of the Forum was dedicated to the spatial development of the country, ecology, healthcare and digital economy.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2018/11/06/prezident-zaveril-nekommercheskij-sektor-v-podderzhke-gosudarstva/


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