Russian NGOs may be allowed preferential purchase of public premises

NGOs may be given the right to preferential purchase of public premises




The Federation’s Ministry of Economic Development is preparing legislation that would allow NGOs to purchase State and municipally owned premises, with the Bill expected to be submitted for Government approval in the near future, reports the Russian “Parliament Newspaper”.


According to Artem Shadrin, the Ministry’s Director of Strategic Development and Innovation, adoption of the Bill will create the infrastructure necessary to involve NGOs in the social sector. A Ministry representative explained that many non-profit organisations lease out premises and bear maintenance costs, often at their own expense.


The Ministry also plans to involve regional universities in creating the infrastructure for promoting social innovation which could act as centres of excellence and knowledge. According to the Ministry, 118 infrastructure bodies that support the third sector have already been established in 47 Russian regions.


Earlier, the Ministry announced the start of work on drafting a law designed to improve regulation of the work of SONGOs. In order to improve the reporting system for SONGO activities, the draft legislation will clarify the concept of “foreign sources” and create a level playing field for SONGOs and small businesses in relation to employment rules and the timing of inspections.



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