Sberbank provides refuge for lost children

Lost children will be able to go to the Sberbank for help



A new social service for children “An island of safety” will allow Sberbank to be another refuge, other than police stations, where children can go if they become separated from their parents.


“As part of our development strategy, Sberbank is creating an environment which not only encompasses financial services but also promotes social programmes aimed at different groups among our customer base. This particular project which is designed to protect vulnerable children is the bank’s contribution to our common future”, said Alexander Torbakhov, Deputy Chair of Sberbank’s Board.


Under this initiative, every Sberbank branch will guarantee the safety of a lost child, with staff looking after them until such time as their parents are found. Employees will also contact the emergency services to report lost children who come to them for help, reports Sberbank’s Press Office.


According to the search and rescue team Liza Alert, some 50,000 children get lost in Russia every year, most of them in crowded places. Children who find themselves alone on the street often don’t know where they can go for help. Sberbank branch offices are located in prominent places and have a vivid and recognisable commercial logo.


Parents can now tell their children to go to any Sberbank branch for help if they get into difficulties.



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