Simplified procedures for adopters or guardians of foster children

Documentation procedures simplified for guardians and orphan foster parents




Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister, has signed a decree that will ease the requirements for citizens who have decided to adopt or act as guardians of an orphaned child.


The regulation, which has been published on the official Cabinet Ministers’ website, states that the following are to be excluded from the list of required documentation to be sent separately to the adoption and guardianship authorities: the part of the housing register or other document that confirms their right to use their living quarters or proves ownership of their dwelling and a copy of a bank statement relating to their place of residence.


It will not now be necessary to send the internal affairs authorities a certificate that confirms a person’s non-criminal record, a pension statement, a certificate from a regional pension fund or other pension provider separately. The adoption and guardianship documents will instead be requested from the appropriate authorities in line with collaborative inter-agency information procedures.


The regulation was introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science. According to department statistics, there are 52,000 child orphans on the Government’s database.



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