Training for the non-governmental care sector in Russia

The Ministry of Economic Development publishes information about training programmes for the non-governmental care sector


The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has published on its website a list of training programmes available to people working in the care sector. The programmes are either operating already or are in the process of being set up throughout the Russian Federation.  The list has been compiled using information supplied by federal authorities and includes education programmes in 34 regions of the Russian Federation, including the projects Mediaclub, ASI-Blagosphera, The Greenhouse of Social Technologies, the NGO-Lab and PRONKO 2.0.

In November 2017 the Ministry of Economic Development presented a bill on new ways of supporting NGOs in the care sector.  It proposes that they are given the right to take advantage of the support systems provided by small and medium-sized businesses. Once the law is passed, these NGOs will be able to draw down the necessary funds as an advance to cover the cost of their services and refund the balance owing. By using the existing infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses they will be able to make good use of government funds without the need for new organisations to be set up.



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