V Kontakte’s new grant competition for NGOs

VKontakte announced a new grant competition for NGOs


The charity wing of VKontakte has for the first time spoken about the launch of a new grant competition to advance not-for-profit organisations at the second Kind Kazan Open Forum.

The launch of the application procedure is planned for 10 December.

“The grant from VKontakte is not actual money, but a grant to advance NGO groups on social networks. We will really be In Contact with NGOs to give them the means to really develop their projects. To talk about their issues, attract volunteers, and so on. Our analysis shows that there is a community of non-profit projects on our site, and we understand that it is now important to help NGOs more because, unfortunately organisations, especially on the regional level, are often lacking skills, understanding and activity on social networks. Meanwhile the commercial sector is steadily developing and presenting the non-commercial sector with serious competition. NGOs should be further ahead than they are now,” explained Ekaterina Koncheva, the Director of Vkontate’s charitable wing to the Social Information Agency.

There is no specific deadline for submission of applications for verified organisations. “VKontakte will regularly review applications and, if a project matches the criteria, we will support this project. If an organisation is not verified, then they have 10 days following the start of the grant campaign to submit their application.”

Koncheva also noted that supporting unverified organisations is a new experience, and that it is still not known what kind of people and projects to expect, but the team will analyse the results of this experiment soon.

“The main criterion for this grant is that we are looking for interesting, well-considered projects, regardless of how well it has been implemented on the network. We will not accept applications along the lines of “I want more people in my group, give me money for this.” The second criterion is that we want to see how the project is really of social value. Thirdly, that the project can genuinely be brought to life on our site. The organisation should also be well-intentioned, it should bring ideas for good,” she added.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/12/08/vkontakte-granty-dlya-nko/


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