Winners of contest for NGOs’ social media

Winners of the “NGO, I LIKE YOU!” competition for NGO pages on social networks


Moscow 31 August 2015

The Agency for Social Information (ASI) and the project “Teplitsa Social Technologies” (literally translates to “Greenhouse of Social Technologies”) have announced the results of a competition for NGO pages on social network sites Facebook and Vkontakte. The winners receive information support from ASI for half a year, consultations from Teplitsa Social Technologies and souvenirs.

Applications for the competition were accepted between 29 July and 14 August 2015. To take part in the competition NGOs had to send them links to their organisation’s pages on Facebook or Vkontakte with a commentary about the goals and tasks of the pages, who they are intended for and why the pages deserve to win the competition.

Up until 28 August users of the sites could vote for their favourite pages. 19 NGO and non-commercial initiative pages on Facebook and 43 pages on Vkontakte were included in the competition. Some organisations immediately entered pages on both social networks into the competition.

The charitable public organisation Mint was awarded 1st place on both social network sites according to the results of the user votes.

—          Facebook page for NGO Mint:

—          Vkontakte page for NGO Mint:

This NGO is dedicated to providing support on individual programmes for children who are orphans in St Petersburg. When introducing their activities, Mint wrote, “We don’t give away phones and mp3 players on holidays. We help to raise and educate children from orphanages on weekdays. Children in orphanages do not really need gifts, but rather individuality and freedom of choice”.

Mint will receive information support from ASI for half a year (15 September – 15 March 2015) and consultations from specialists from Teplitsa Social Technologies (

The Vkontakte page for “SOS Children’s Village – Vologda” ( claimed 2nd place by a wide margin among voters. The organisation runs a «strengthening the family» programme aimed at the preservation of the natural family environment for the child.

As 1st place on both social networks was taken by one organisation, we decided to give a winning place to the contestant who received the next highest amount of votes. This means that SOS Children’s Village – Vologda also receives information support from ASI for half a year and the possibility to consult with specialists from Teplitsa Social Technologies.

The festival “Taibola. On the edge of the earth” ( on VKontakte (an international eco-cultural voluntary festival on the banks of the White Sea), the charitable fund “Happy world” ( on Facebook (which helps children with cancer) and the group on Facebook for the environmental organisation “Bellona” ( (an international environmental organisation working in Murmansk and St Petersburg) narrowly missed out on winning (taking 2nd or 3rd places among the participants on each social network) and were therefore awarded souvenirs from ASI (in the form of branded insulated cups and «Internet technologies for civil initiatives and non-profit organisations» textbooks).

Congratulations to the winners!

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