Yandex and CAF create School of Charitable Marketing

Yandex with CAF have created a school of charitable marketing


Experts from Yandex, the BBDO Group and CAF will explain how to establish NGO work and become successful in the non-profit sector.

The School of Charitable Marketing is available to all internet users. The online course consists of 11 lessons. All the sessions help to look at the charitable sphere from the perspective of a marketing expert.

For instance, Yulia Khodorova, a leading consultant at CAF, talks about how to work with online platforms, which is one of the key modern fundraising tools. Her lesson explains how to pick the right platform to promote the foundation and how to build effective fundraising campaigns.

Representatives of NGOs will also teach how to connect with businesses, build business relations and find partners. Lessons are also dedicated to the work of advertising agencies. Indeed, they all cooperate with non-profit organisations pro bono, for free, to fill their portfolio with social projects, to engage their employees in charity work and to diversify their work, to promote themselves, to train creativity and to participate in festivals and competitions.

Experts claim that there is still a “creative trap” in communication with creative agencies. This is the situation when there is an idea, which the NGO and the agency may like, but which does not correspond with the NGO’s values or does not facilitate the solving of the challenge facing the NGO. That is why it’s very important for NGOs to relate the agency’s idea to their own aims and make sure that it will deliver the result which they wish to achieve.



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