Project report: supporting victims of domestic violence in Uzbekistan

Grantee: CISC Fergana branch
Project: Improving service provision for victims of domestic violence


During 2020-1, with financial support from The BEARR Trust’s Small Grants Scheme, the Centre for the Support of Civil Initiatives (CISC), Fergana branch, in Uzbekistan implemented its project, “Improving service provision for victims of domestic violence”.

Training for civil society representatives, Fergana

“Until now, we have taught women that they must endure hardship for the sake of family preservation; in the words of our ancestors, ‘Patience is gold’. However, this training highlighted the upsetting consequences of this principle”.

The Deputy of Uzbekistan’s Milly Tiklanish (National Revival) Democratic Party

The project was aimed at increasing the capacity of CISC’s staff to assist with the rehabilitation and adaptation of domestic violence victims and with suicide prevention. It also sought to provide a basic level of understanding of how to recognise domestic violence among the staff of CISC’s partner organisations dealing with women’s and family issues. In the longer term, the knowledge gained will strengthen these partnerships and allow for more effective, meaningful interaction between the organisations to prevent domestic violence.

Training sessions in Fergana

“We don’t usually get any training, so this course has enabled us to increase our capacity for working with victims of violence. We also familiarised ourselves with the Uzbek legislative framework in this area”.

Participant at a citizens’ assembly in one of Uzbekistan’s Mahallas (‘city districts’) to address issues facing women

This project was one of the first of its kind in this field. It was innovative in that representatives from different organisations, studying together in the same classroom and working as a team throughout the training course, identified common ground and developed joint strategies for the identification and prevention of domestic violence at a local level.

Training for journalists in Fergana

“Media representatives and journalists have a crucial, positive role to play in convincing the general public and politicians alike that violence can be reduced and even eliminated altogether”.

A government spokesperson

Training took place throughout the Fergana region on the topic, “An integrated approach to identifying and preventing domestic violence”. Over the course of the training, more than 100 representatives of state and public organisations deepened their understanding of domestic violence issues and the relevant legal framework in this area.

Contact details:
Muminov Asilbek
CISC Fergana branch

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