New Target for BEARR Ukraine Appeal

We have increased the target for our Ukraine appeal to £100,000.

We have increased the target for our Ukraine appeal to £100,000. In only five days we have raised over £70,000. We and our partners in Ukraine are strengthened and encouraged by this stunning response. We give our heartfelt thanks for your generosity.

Until a few days ago, The BEARR Trust had only worked in a peaceful context. We have had to respond fast to chaos. But our strength is that we work with many small local grassroots organisations – people who know well those most in need locally. They also know who can provide support to refugees passing through their area.

Our trustees – all volunteers – are working in small groups according to skills and time availability. By 3  March they had already transferred over £20,000 of the campaign funds, which were used immediately to buy and deliver food and medical and hygiene products, and to organise transport for mothers and children to safer places. Payments will continue over the next few days. So far, most of the money has gone to Ukraine and the rest to Moldova, where our partners are helping to support refugees and other people in desperate need.

This money has gone to organisations that we had previously supported through our Small Grants Scheme, and who had run successful projects to help vulnerable people. Our past relationship enables us to transfer funds to them with confidence. We will update our website regularly with the photos they are sending us of how they are using the money.

We believe that this is a case of ‘small is beautiful’. Even with the help of international aid agencies, the challenge will grow and continue for a long time. BEARR is continuing its focus on the most vulnerable people, and on making sure that we use our local connections to prevent them falling through the support net.

Please contact with any questions.

Warm wishes,
The BEARR Trust

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