Project Report: School for Survival

SGS 2023 Grantee: Parastor, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, with partners

Project:  Skills and business training for vulnerable women and girls

The public organisation Parastor from Tajikistan implemented the project “School for Survival” from July 2023.The Traditional Community Based Organisation (TCBO) Makhalla, which brings together several families or communities on a territorial basis, is considered to be a local governing structure in Tajikistan. TCBOs aim to identify the needs of people in the targeted area and render timely assistance. Through this structure, the problems of the population are determined and the necessary assistance is provided to those in need.

Parastor partners with Mahalin local community councils Women with disabilities Durahshon and Caravan of Hope providing various types of assistance to women who are victims of violence, unemployed women and women with disabilities. Parastor conducted a survey in order to study the needs of his group of beneficiaries.

The survey analysis showed that the main problem faced by lonely women and women with large families is unemployment.  Previously these women used to work in factories and plants like “Guldast”, the Cement Plant, and the Sewing Factory. After meeting them we came to the conclusion that these women had to start producing something which was in great demand but the production of which would not require specific knowledge and skills from semiliterate women. The BEARR Trust grant helped 30 vulnerable girls gain the necessary knowledge and skills to bake a variety of homemade cookies. They were provided with raw materials for the production of the first batches, together with an oven and a mixer.

 Parastor also conducted a long-running master class on national embroidery (gulduzi) for girls with disabilities. Parastor will continue this project for a new group of participants. We have submitted our project application to other funders. The financial stability of the organisation will come from the financial support of successful participants who have been beneficiaries of our NGO.

Rano Kosimova

Project leader

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