Small Grants Scheme 2024: Application statistics

For the 2024 Scheme (for details click here) we were pleased to receive 82 applications from 8 countries: Armenia (8), Azerbaijan (6), Georgia (5), Kazakhstan (2), Kyrgyzstan (3), Moldova (9), Tajikistan (11), Ukraine (38).

67 of the applications were for Strand A (for projects on the theme “Community Integration of Displaced People”; and 15 for Strand B (for projects to support the welfare of staff and volunteers, and organisational resilience.) Strand B was only open to CSOs from Ukraine and Moldova which have received earlier support from BEARR.

27 bids were received from former BEARR grantees or recipients  of funding under the Ukraine Appeal. The remaining applicants were mostly new to BEARR.

Successful applicants will be notified of the outcome in April-May, and the results announced in May-June once grants have been finalised.

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