New BEARR Trustee Clare Brooks

BEARR is delighted to welcome a new Trustee, Clare Brooks.

Clare has worked with grant-making trusts and foundations for over thirty years, in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe and Australia. Her introduction to civil society organisations (CSO’s) began in 1991 when she lived in Prague, and joined one of Czechoslovakia’s first foundations, the Civic Forum Foundation. Since then, she has led programmes and projects for national and international organisations which support civil society development, community philanthropy and education.

Clare’s most recent position was Director of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Education Trust (2015-2021). She has a degree in Russian and Italian from the University of Reading and an MBA from the Open University Business School.

The BEARR Trust’s work with vulnerable people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is of particular interest to Clare, as throughout her career she has seen how vital well-targeted grants are to local CSO’s, and how enabling local leadership can lead to resilience and transformation during times of great complexity, challenge and change.

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