Advice on foster families for disabled children

Experts have developed a programme to help place children with disabilities in foster families


Moscow 05.05.2015

Experts from the project ‘Vanechka’, which supports foster children, have developed a methodological programme with recommendations for employees of custody and guardianship bodies to enable them to search for foster families for children with disabilities efficiently.

Julia Zimova, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and curator of the project ‘Vanechka’, presented the programme ‘Guidelines for placing disabled children’ along with a set of instructions for specialists in this field.

The experts’ work contains a detailed description of the actions that should be taken when looking for adoptive parents for a disabled child. The experts note that the described principles are not universal but merely provide a general outline that is open to change according to specific circumstances.

“Even if familiarity with this presentation means you start thinking about preparing information to support families in your region, this alone will play a huge role in the placing of children in foster families. We are ready to assist in the preparation and further development of such information in your area,” stressed experts from the portal ‘’.

The authors of the programme invite guardianship bodies to think about how to increase the percentage of disabled children placed in families. “Of course, there can’t be a single, universal set of instructions or recommendations on this topic. Each situation is individual. The presentation just brings together our experience, technology and advice. But we would be delighted if the guardianship bodies use this information and other material from the presentation in their work with parents. You can change the order of the steps or use only some of the advice. The most important thing, in our view, is to demonstrate to future adoptive parents the support that will be provided for them by the state and NGOs,” said Zimova.

You can find out more about the programme on the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation website.

Author: Dimitry Petrov

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