How can CSOs become more sustainable?

How can CSOs become more sustainable? Making a plan with Anna Morozova

An expert on CSO organisational development tells us what makes an organisation sustainable and how to start delivering change.


This article marks the launch of a series of specialist pieces on CSO sustainability by the Agency for Social Information.

In 2021, we conducted and presented a study – “CSO sustainability factors” – with the Centre for Research on Civil Society and the Non‑commercial Sector at the National Research University (Higher School of Economics). The report and study data plus the recommendations from the results of the report’s consultation are on our website.

During the consultation, we were advised to make the data easier to apply in practice. We decided to approach leading experts in the sector so that they could make practical recommendations to CSOs, drawing on the research results and their own experience and expertise. Ten recommendation packs will be published in this series.


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