Medvedev promises more funds for disabled people

Prime Minister pledges to assign additional finances for disabled


Speaking at a meeting with his deputies, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that, in 2018, Russian regions will receive an additional 3.8 billion roubles to fund medication for disabled people.

‘A figure of 4.35 billion roubles will be assigned to 84 regions to cover the costs of painkillers, drugs for respiratory disorders used in palliative care, and the organisation of home care,’ the prime minister said.

In addition, the government will extend funding for medical training. In 2018, the sum of 2.5 billion roubles is to be allocated for this.  It will also provide equipment for 75 simulation centres, Dmitry Medvedev says. The government press office reports that a proportion of these funds will go towards the development of an internet portal offering continuous medical and pharmaceutical training.

‘In addition, we are allocating funds to supply disabled people with the medication they need. This year we expect to assign 3.8 billion roubles to all Russian regions, as well as to the city of Baikonur,’ Medvedev said.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health recommended that the regions should keep several weeks reserve of narcotic and psychotropic drugs in their medical centres to guard against any possible disruption in supply.


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