More funds for disabled access in Russia’s regions

The state
the regions will receive more than 340 mn roubles

This was announced by
the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. According to a decree from
the Ministry of Labour, in 2013 state subsidies for creating better access for
people with disabilities will be given to 12 subjects of the federation. The
state budget will fund these to the tune of 340,160,000 roubles. The successful
regions are those which drew up programmes closest to the recommendations
worked out by the ministry. It is a requirement that there is a comprehensive
approach to providing access for disabled people.

Priority services where
access has to be provided need to be identified – transport, education, health,
social welfare, culture, sport, information and communications. For wheelchair
users, lifts and other equipment has to be provided, for the deaf – illuminated
signs etc., for people with visual impairment – equipment such as Braille signs
and recorded directions etc., and so on. In addition, regional programmes must
include measures to promote tolerant attitudes among the general public. In
accordance with the principle of co-financing, state budget funds have to be
matched by funding from the regions’ budgets. Further information about the
grants can be found on the ministry’s website.

[The state programme “accessible environment” is aimed at having in place
by 2016 conditions for direct access by people with disabilities to facilities,
transport, information and communications, and to all locations and services
provided for the public. It also comprises improvements in the provision of
services in rehabilitation and medical-social assessment and advice.]

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