New grants for NGOs in small towns and villages

NGOs working in small towns and villages could receive support from a new Presidential grant provider

 Moscow, 07.10.2015

The Federation’s Civil Chamber is to suggest creating a new grant provider dedicated to supporting NGOs that operate in small towns and villages to Vladimir Putin. According to Izvestia, this proposal will be included in a Civil Chamber report on the “State of Russian Civil Society” to be submitted for the President’s consideration. “We know that most NGOs are concentrated in large towns and capitals across Russia which have plenty of opportunities to access information support and for whom logistics are easier. In view of this, we believe that more attention needs to be devoted to those NGOs operating in small communities through the provision of grants from a provider which will work solely with these organisations”, said Alexander Brechalov, Secretary of the Civil Chamber. The latter expects that the new grant provider will work specifically with NGOs operating in towns and villages where the population does not exceed 200,000. According to Brechalov, a new provider will not need large numbers of staff to assess and process project applications given there are no more than 300 NGOs that are actively operating in small communities. He also expressed the hope that regional Civil Chambers will become involved in this work.

Earlier during a meeting of the “Community” forum held in the Crimea, a suggestion was put forward for the creation of a new provider of Presidential grants for those NGOs involved in the development of small areas.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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