Putin decree on national goals to 2030 stresses welfare provisions

Putin signs a decree on national goals up to 2030




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The Russian President also instructed the Council of Ministers to work on a range of national projects.


Vladimir Putin assumed the office of President of the Russian Federation at a ceremony in the Kremlin on 7 May. On that day, he signed a decree on national development goals for the period up to 2030 and beyond to 2036 which has been posted on the Kremlin website. Some of the main objectives are:


  • Supporting the family and improving people’s health and wellbeing;
  • Realising the potential of every individual, developing his or her talents and raising a socially responsible person;
  • Creating a comfortable and safe living environment;
  • Ecological wellbeing.


The document identifies a number of tasks to achieve each of these goals. For example, in order to meet the objective of “Protecting the population, strengthening the health and wellbeing of people and supporting the family”, it will be necessary to:


  • Increase the fertility rate to 1.6 by 2030 and to 1.8 by 2036;
  • Increase life expectancy to 78 years by 2030 and 81 years by 2036;
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle and create the conditions for the timely prevention of diseases, as well as involving citizens in regular sporting activity;
  • Increase the number of elderly citizens and people with disabilities receiving long-term care services to at least 500,000;
  • Reduce the poverty rate to below seven per cent by 2030 and below five per cent by 2036, and the rate for large families to 12% by 2030 and eight per cent by 2036;
  • Ensure that the minimum wage is more than doubled, with the minimum amount reaching at least 35,000 roubles per month.


The necessary conditions will need to be created in order to realise the potential of every person; to develop their talent and raise socially responsible individuals, including increasing the number of young people involved in volunteer and community activities by 2030.


Target indicators and tasks whose achievement will help meet the national goal of a “Comfortable and Safe Living Environment” will need to be set. These will include raising the quality of the living environment in key population centres, reducing the stock of housing unfit for human habitation, improving at least 30,000 public areas and the quality of public services and completing capital repairs of pre-school and other general education buildings by the end of 2030.


In order to realise the goal of “Environmental wellbeing”, the President ordered that the following targets and objectives be met:


  • To form a closed-cycle economy that ensures the separation of 100% of the annual volume of solid municipal waste, the disposal of no more than 50% of such material and the incorporation into economic activity of no less than 25% of production and consumption waste as secondary resources and raw materials;


  • Halve the level of emissions from hazardous pollutants that have the greatest adverse impacts on the environment and human health by 2036;


  • Remove at least 50 hazardous facilities that have caused environmental damage and recycle and neutralise at least 50% of the total volume of Class I and II hazardous waste;


  • Halve the volume of untreated wastewater discharges into major waterbodies and preserve the unique ecological system of Lake Baikal;


  • Protect forests and biological diversity, promote the sustainable development of specially protected natural areas and create the proper conditions for environmental tourism in all national parks.


The Russian Government has been ordered to develop a tranche of projects to provide technical leadership, as well as programmes on the following areas by 1 September this year in order to achieve national goals, including:


  • A long and active life;
  • Family;
  • Youth and children;
  • Employment;
  • Infrastructure for life;
  • Environmental wellbeing.



Source: https://asi.org.ru/news/2024/05/08/putin-podpisal-ukaz-o-naczionalnyh-czelyah-rossii-do-2030-goda/?utm_order_number=1





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