Russia: winners of ‘Headliner of the Year’

The winners of the “Headliner of the Year” award have been announced

The prize giving ceremony took place in Moscow on 7 April.


The main headliner and winner of the award was Olga Rebkovets, director of the Foundation for Linguistic Culture in civil society “Total Dictation”.

The jury selected three further winners in five categories.

Winners from the category “Public Activities and Social Projects” included Grigory Sverdlin for his work as director of the charity Homelessness, Anna Rivina, director of the Centre for Combatting Domestic Violence “” (listed as one of a series of CSOs registered as foreign agents) and Valeria Korosteleva, who founded the “Collector” project, which seeks to improve waste management practices.

Winners in the category “Sport, Fitness and Health” included Vladimir Dolgii-Rappoport, who founded the women’s football school GirlsPower, Anastasia Nifontova, who was the world’s first female participant and finisher at the Dakar Rally and Yaroslav Svyatoslavsky. Svyatoslavsky was the first para-triathlete from Russia to swim the Volga and run the long-distance section of an Ironman. He is responsible for marketing and development at NeuroPartner, a start-up committed to using 3D printing technology to develop neural prosthetics – prosthetic limbs that are capable of responding to their surroundings.

In the “Art and Culture” category, Katya Bochavar received a prize for her work as director of the gallery and workshop “Ground Solyanka”. Konstantin Rakhmanov was also amongst the winners in light of his role as director of the international festival of Street Art Stenograffia. Liza Zgirzkaya was a prize-winner for her audio-visual compositional “701 Project”.

Winners from the “Science and Education” category included Olga Rebkovets for her work at “Total Dictation”, Dima Zitser for his work on the “Orange Project”, designed to give alternative, informal education for school pupils and Aleksei Kavokin, who is developing a quantum computer constructed from “liquid light”.

In the “Business and Innovation” category the jury awarded prizes to Ilya Polovina, the founder and head of the “Goodsurfing” movement, Magomed-Amin Idilov for his project Cerebrum MD which helps victims of strokes during the recovery process, and to Konstantin Urvantsev for his work at Altairika, a company which provides virtual reality technology to enhance children’s education.

This is the fourth time that the “Headliner of the Year” has been awarded. The winners were selected by an independent jury. On March 17 the prize committee announced that it would discard the results from a popular vote, which had been subject to a scam and disrupted. On 22 March the jury board at “Headliner of the Year” released their shortlist.


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