Russian government assigns 7.4 billion roubles to volunteering projects

Russian Government assigns 7.4 billion roubles to volunteering projects


Representatives of NGOs and officials have discussed the prospect of developing the voluntary sector in Russia at the International Forum of Volunteers in Moscow.

As stated by the Minister of Enlightenment of the Russian Federation, Olga Vasileva, there are no barriers to volunteering in Russia. In her view, good deeds are performed everywhere and by lots of people. Speaking about the rewards of volunteering, Vice Prime Minister of Russia Tatiyana Golokova promised that a system of social support for citizens would be created and implemented in 85 places in Russia. As well as awards and titles, there will also be scholarships for students. Head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova confirmed that medical institutions would take into account its applicants’ volunteering experience during the admissions process as of 2019.


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