Russian teenagers with disabilities gain much from theatre camp.

Teenagers with disabilities describe how much they gained from theatre camp

The Theatrical Perspectives Project helps children with disabilities to discover their creative potential and appear on stage in Moscow theatre productions.


In the video report, educators explain that playwrights and actors run workshops at the camp for teenagers. Half the children work on acting, and the rest write plays. The director puts on a production based on these plays, using professional actors and teenagers with disabilities at venues including the Theatre of the Russian Army, Sovremennik and the Nadezhda Babkina Theatre.

Teenagers said that the camp helped them learn to interact with unfamiliar people, make friends, discover their creative potential and believe in their dreams.

The Theatrical Perspectives Project is run by Perspectiva, a regional disability-focused civil society organisation. The video report was shot by its partner, the Absolyut Pomosch foundation.


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