Russians donated 143 bn roubles to NGOs in 2016

Russians donated 143 billion roubles to non-governmental organisations in 2016


Research by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has shown the positive dynamic of Russians’ engagement with the charity sector.

The Foundation for support and development of philanthropy “CAF” presented its third research publication on the mass private donations, conducted with the company Ipsos Comcon. The research was carried out amongst adults with 16 cities in Russia, and its results showed that the proportion of money donated by Russians has not changed compared with 2015; almost 50% of the population had provided a financial donation to philanthropic organisations in 2016.

Compared with 2015, the average size of donation has grown; it was 3856 roubles (in 2015, it was 3300 roubles). Taking this amount and adult urban population into account, researchers came to the conclusion that the overall sum for money donated by Russians to NGOs in 2016 was about 143 billion roubles. In the last year, the number of people donating large sums (more than 5000 roubles) has doubled, while the number of those making small donations (up to 1000 roubles) has halved.

The majority of people (more than 90%) make donations in support of children. Meanwhile, researchers noted a growth in the number who donated to adults and the elderly. The research also showed a growth in the number of people who volunteer, as well as an increase in the proportion of citizens who provide targeted support to those in need. The number of women making donations outnumbered the number of men once again – 57% compared to 40%. On the whole, a majority of people had a higher education amongst donors.

The proportion of people who make online donations has tripled over the last two years. Researchers consider that the development of this channel of charitable activity has opened up the possibility of a more widespread practice of regular and larger donations.

“It is encouraging to see that the range of social issues to which Russians donate money has widened. Themes which were previously unpopular amongst donors have become more relevant and receive support from a larger number of people. Expanding the palette of ideas presented to Russians about which problems need solving, and their preparedness to support previously unpopular themes, is testament to the success of NGOs’ efforts to advance their causes amongst society and the overall increase in public awareness,” says the director of CAF, Maria Chertok.

Earlier, the British charity CAF presented the results of the global research of worldwide private charity in the World Giving Index. In the 2016 ranking of 140 countries, Russia occupied 126th place, rising three places in the worldwide standings. Myanmar once again occupied first place, second – the USA, third by Australia, and fourth and fifth by New Zealand and Sri Lanka. China was last place in the rating.

The research was published the day before the launch of the initiative “Giving Tuesday” – Global Charity Day, which is taking place in Russia for the first time.



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