UNICEF report on children’s malnutrition in Uzbekistan and other countries.

11% of children in Uzbekistan are malnourished, says a UNICEF report




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11% of children are malnourished in Uzbekistan, according to a UNICEF report published in June.


The document provides an analysis of the problems linked to malnutrition among young children in Uzbekistan which is also a major issue in 63 other countries. The problem can be divided into high, medium and low poverty groups.


Uzbekistan is 11th in the world rankings of countries where children are undernourished compiled by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation.


Countries that have low malnutrition levels include Belarus, Serbia, Costa Rica, Peru and Turkmenistan.


Uzbekistan is among the countries with medium levels of malnutrition, along with Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt and China.


The states with high levels of food poverty include Somalia, Guinea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Senegal and Tajikistan.


According to the report’s researchers, children are malnourished for three main reasons, namely an unhealthy food environment, poor diet and low family income.


For healthy growth and development, children need to eat cereals, berries, tropical fruit, beans, nuts and seeds, meat and dairy products, vitamin A-rich fruit, vegetables and breast milk, the report said.


Children in countries that did not make the list (i.e. where child nutrition levels are normal) eat at least five of the above mentioned foods.


Source: https://yep.uz/2024/06/11-detej-nedoedajut-v-uzbekistane-junisef/



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